Why Sence

Sence and the team are more than just accountants!

We want to ensure that not only are the compliance services covered by us but also other areas we can identify through getting to know you as a client.

When we review a set of accounts we can give you feedback with how your current records are kept and if anything could be done differently to make things easier for both you and us, then we will tell you.

We will also identify areas in which we think we could help you for example; financial services, insurance, saving money on utilities… the list is endless.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

Our Company

Sence Accounting Limited has been established since 2002.  We are a firm of general accounting practitioners offering an all rounded accounting & tax support service to individuals and business owners.

Honesty & Integrity

At Sence honesty and integrity are everything. Anna has very strong core values and these shine through in everything she and the team do.


When qualifying with the ACCA you agree to abide by strong poignant ethics and as a qualified Accountant, you are trusted pillar of your community. This sits very close to Anna’s heart and all her clients know and respect this. She is their trusted advisor; they know she and the team will look after them.

Passionate & Compassionate

We are all passionate and compassionate. We enjoy what we do, and no two days are the same dealing with a large varied client base. We make you feel welcome and we educate and nurture you throughout your journey and time with us. You will build up your knowledge on a ‘need to know basis’ and over the timescales to suit you.


We respect you and we expect to be respected. Our industry is and can be very complicated. We spend copious amounts of time training, refreshing, upskilling to ensure we can offer the highest quality services. We want clients to admit when they need our support and let us do it for them, that’s what we’re here for.


We operate a ‘no jerks’ policy. At Sence it’s important we are happy. We are a good team, and all deserve to be happy. To ensure this we take on clients that make us feel happy and that we enjoy working with. We want our clients to communicate with us regularly, to bring information in so we can be helpful and responsive. It’s important all our clients are looked after and an unresponsive client can take up lots of time and cause hassle. This time is better spent elsewhere on clients who respect us. It is for this reason, unfortunately; we don’t take on everyone we meet.


We all have personalities underneath our professional sides!! Yes, we are a firm of accountants, but we are all human, enjoying a bit of fun and a laugh. It’s important to us that our clients feel comfortable with our team, so you’ll find we are a relaxed and friendly bunch. We enjoy a dress down Friday, ice-creams when it’s hot, and various other little treats.

It is our vision to give individuals and business owners a tailored package of outstanding accounting and tax support alongside access to other trusted professionals and associates.

To give individuals and business owners across the East and West Midlands the best wealth and tax support.

At Sence Anna’s vision has always been to create a practice that not only looks after you with all things accounting & tax but to be able to provide business owners and individuals with trusted contacts for all other areas that they may possibly need access to.  Over her years in the profession she has built up a trusted network of a variety of associates in all professional and specialist fields that she can put you in touch with.  These range from HR support to marketing to insurance to corporate finance to wealth planning to name just a few.  As a Sence client you will know to get in touch with us to ask ‘if we know someone who’.

Becoming a Sence client

Becoming a client isn’t as hard as you may think.

The process is managed by us and we hold your hand until you’re on board and all the necessary paperwork is put in place.

Initially we will either meet with you or have a phone call and/or virtual meeting.  We will listen to you, what your needs are and then we will explain how we can help.

By the end of this initial consultation you will understand how we can help you, what you need to do to help us make this happen, timescales of when things will happen and how much the services you need will cost.

We provide a detailed quote at the earliest possible point so you have a visual on what services you need and how much they will be.

We discuss with you possible methods of payment so if these will be paid for up front, on completion of works being carried out or on a monthly basis.  Sometimes this can be a combination of all 3.

Several clients have their ‘regular services’ set up on monthly plans so they know their accountancy costs are covered and no unexpected invoices will be arriving.

We try our best to get proposals and/or quotes for all works being completed where possible to give you complete clarity on our fees and what is expected by both sides.

We always work with you to help you wish cash flow, service requirement whilst minimising our risk exposure.

We have a secure electronic portal to exchange documents to not only allow this process to be smoother but to quicken it up too.  We use this throughout your time with us.

If you are coming to us from another accountant, we will communicate with them to collate the relevant information we need from them, you don’t need to worry about doing this.



“Sence Accounting came highly recommended to us and have proved why they have such a good reputation. Anna and the team have always been very helpful and guided us through anything we were not sure of. Amy comes to our office to carry out bookkeeping duties and is always professional and fits in well with our team. I would recommend Sence every time.”

Mr KMCNovember 2020

“My business has changed considerably since joining Sence, during this period they have guided and supported us throughout this growth, critically advising us as our needs have changed. From tax planning, variance analysis and external payroll services there is a wealth of advice and support that we have used and will continue to draw upon.
We can't fault the professionalism and personal touch that Sence provides a business like ours and can highly recommend them to any business no matter how big or small they are.”

Mr XAugust 2019

"One of the biggest positives for me about working with Sence is that I can trust them to do what’s right for me. I’m only a small business but they have my best interests at heart, nothing is too much trouble & there are no silly questions. I know that my accounts & self-assessment tax return will be filed in plenty of time. It is very clear that Anna & her team have a passion for helping businesses all shapes & sizes."

Mrs LVMay 2020